How is the the threat of Covid-19 impacting businesses?  See how our clients are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

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From Battle of the Quants Worldwide:

Free webinar – 19th March 2020, 10am Eastern – from the BattleBlitz Webinar series:

Hello Volatility! Can Quants Outperform?
How Quants are trading extreme volatility from the pandemic, oil price war and political uncertainty

Some reasons to be optimistic:
1. Market volatility can be good for fund managers that know how to trade it.
2. Webinars are a way to get in front of clients when in-person meetings won’t do.

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From QMIT – QuantZ Machine Intelligence Technologies:

Factor investing commentary on the Interactive Brokers Traders’ Insight Quant Blog:

February 2020 Smart Beta Book – The factor landscape YTD after the sell off

“…We said last week that, ‘with Covid-19 rapidly spreading across Italy this weekend not to mention the series of infections in Japan & Korea, markets are likely to remain under pressure’ before the swiftest six-day correction in the history of US markets…”


From Mind-Alliance Systems:

Free intelligence stream about the impact of coronavirus on the global economy, powered by the MindPeer platform, surfacing the most relevant insights from volumes of unstructured data with human and machine intelligence

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