Company : DataAxxis
Fintech Category : AI (Semantic technology, Natural Language Processing, Ontologies)
Consulting Services Provided : Marketing (Advisor, and Fractional CMO)

Provide marketing strategy, execution services, sales enablement.
DataAxxis brings AI & semantic technologies to financial institutions’ post-trade data management processes to automate the unification of meaning across platforms. Our platform enables you to integrate, aggregate, store and automatically transform disparate and inconsistent data and metadata to uniform proprietary and financial industry standard ontologies, such as the EDM Council’s FIBO – Financial Industry Business Ontology™. Normalizing all data components into common terms simplifies data governance, reporting, risk management, analytics, and regulatory compliance to industry data aggregation mandates including BCBS 239, MiFID II, MAR, EMIR, & Solvency 2.

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