QMIT – QuantZ Machine Intelligence Technologies – Business Development (Consulting)

Company:  QMIT – QuantZ Machine Intelligence Technologies
Services:   Business Development (Consulting)
Description:  Sales referrals for the QMIT platform

QMIT is a signal provider to the savviest institutional managers & asset owners. The objective is to provide access to cutting edge alphas through a machine learning-enhanced combination of traditional & alternative equity factors.

Battle of the Quants Worldwide – Business Development (Consulting)

Battle of the Quants Worldwide

The Battle of the Quants curates carefully selected quantitative, systematic investors and managers, crypto investors and managers, data buyers and providers, and academia leading the way into the new world of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sets, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies within financial markets. Careful consideration has been given to include issues confronting participants in this complex and exciting world. The Battle of the Quants has become the definitive event in the quantitative space for investors, managers and data buyers looking for key industry influencers, decision makers and investment opportunities.

Company:  Battle of the Quants Worldwide
Services:     Business Development (Consulting)

Assembling quant fund managers, crypto fund managers, investors, data buyers, data providers, technology providers, brokers, exchanges and more for upcoming events in the Battle of the Quants series:

Visit The FinTech Eventist blog for descriptions of selected past events.

DataAxxis – Advisor, and Chief Marketing Officer (Consulting)

Company:  DataAxxis
Services:  Advisor, and Chief Marketing Officer (Consulting)
Description:  Building marketing strategies and content for DataAxxis AI platform use cases.

DataAxxis brings AI & semantic technologies to financial institutions’​ post-trade data management processes to automate the unification of meaning across platforms. Our platform enables you to integrate, aggregate, store and automatically transform disparate and inconsistent data and metadata to uniform proprietary and financial industry standard ontologies, such as the EDM Council’s FIBO – Financial Industry Business Ontology™. Normalizing all data components into common terms simplifies data governance, reporting, risk management, analytics, and regulatory compliance to industry data aggregation mandates including BCBS 239, MiFID II, MAR, EMIR, & Solvency 2.

Mind-Alliance Systems – Acting Director of Marketing (Consulting – Project Completed)

Company: Mind-Alliance Systems
Services: Acting Director of Marketing (Consulting – Project Completed)
Description: Mind Alliance provides software solutions and AI-powered research services so firms can find new clients and deliver higher-value services more efficiently. MindPeer, our intelligence platform, helps firms spot business opportunities before their competition by combining human and machine intelligence to find the most relevant insights in massive volumes of unstructured data.