It’s Not What You Think! An Introduction to Win/Loss Analysis in FinTech

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FinTech at scale requires great products and services, market intelligence, and a high sales win rate.  Analyzing the reasons for won and lost deals in a competitive market is therefore crucial.  Lacking that information, innovation is intermittent at best.  Companies that scale, and survive long term, continually innovate – in their products, technology, business models, and sales methods.  Rigorous win/loss analysis is a structured way for salespeople, sales managers, marketers, and product managers to understand their competitive position, unmet market needs, and buyers’ behavior.

“When there is no technological advancement, companies tend to ossify. They’ll keep doing what they’ve always done because it’s worked, except now it doesn’t work…” [Video Read More

Moore’s Law is Dead, Again

By Perspectives

As is often said, “Moore’s Law is Dead, Long Live Moore’s Law”.  Skyrocketing worldwide data volumes have made Moore’s Law of computer processing power an outmoded maxim for financial market participants analyzing that data for trading and investing opportunities and risks.  But is the solution to this conundrum hidden in the Solace of Quantum, or The X-Files? Read More

Battle of the Quants Big Data May 21-22 NYC

The FinTech Eventist: Battle of the Quants Big Data, New York, 21-22 May 2019

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What Was The Event?

The Battle of the Quants Big Data (a client project) took place at the New York Public Library‘s main building (the iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building) on 21st-22nd May, 2019.  The event was for quantitative hedge fund managers, quant fund investors, quantitative hedge fund data buyers; and big data providers and alternative data providers to quant funds .

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