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Hard Hat and White Gloves

Hard Hats and White Gloves: Build vs. Buy in FinTech Win/Loss Analysis

By Win/Loss Analysis in FinTech

In the introduction to the Win/Loss Analysis in FinTech interview series, “It’s Not What You Think!“, we launched a discussion about topics including what is win/loss analysis, who it is for, why FinTech is different, and how to run an effective analysis program in that market.  In this excerpt from the interview series, Richard Case and I examine the Build vs. Buy question, how solving that problem may be different in FinTech vs. other industries, and how Win/Loss analysis highlights the key issues.  

Dan:  Richard, let’s talk about blind spots. I think that in FinTech, what often looks like a competitive deal among vendors fighting to supply “white glove” service turns out to be more about an internal build vs. buy decision, where the buyer eventually puts on the “hard hat” for a construction project.  How can you discover the hidden reasons for wins and losses in that situation? Read More


It’s Not What You Think! An Introduction to Win/Loss Analysis in FinTech

By Win/Loss Analysis in FinTech

FinTech at scale requires great products and services, market intelligence, and a high sales win rate.  Analyzing the reasons for won and lost deals in a competitive market is therefore crucial.  Lacking that information, innovation is intermittent at best.  Companies that scale, and survive long term, continually innovate – in their products, technology, business models, and sales methods.  Rigorous win/loss analysis is a structured way for salespeople, sales managers, marketers, and product managers to understand their competitive position, unmet market needs, and buyers’ behavior.

“When there is no technological advancement, companies tend to ossify. They’ll keep doing what they’ve always done because it’s worked, except now it doesn’t work…” [Video Read More